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How coffee empowers Rwandan women

Women in coffee

In 2010 a group of Women from the Kotwibakabo Cooperative formed an Association within the Cooperative with the purpose to generate additional income for their households. Aside for coffee these Women also produce corn, bananas, yam beans and have also started hand-crafting woven mats and baskets together. The Women collaborate at all levels from the production stage, to the marketing, and lastly to saving & sharing the profits. The Women benefit from an additional Premium for the coffee they sell and along with all the joint efforts made by this Association this Coffee by Women  Premium allows them to thrive and improve their families lives.

Some facts

  • 1511 members, of which 552 are Women
  • 132 members age 20-30 years & 420 members age 30+ years
  • Median age at first birth: 23 y.o
  • Average 3.9 children per Woman
  • Executive Committee made of 6 members (President, VP, Treasurer, Secretary, 2 Advisors)
  • 50 % profits +premium saved for Association's and Members future needs
  • Trained on cash management, capacity building, and good coffee production practices

The coffees by women

The Coffees by Women, available for shipment September onward:
Rwanda Ordinary, 15+ well balanced cups with red fruit notes and a lingering aftertaste
Rwanda Fully-Washed 15+, sweet cups with delicate body, floral notes, and hints of black tea

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