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S team

Merchant team

Our team of multi cultural merchants (Antoine, Catalina, Monserrat, Antonio and Thomas) tailor their offers and services to your needs :  Contact us

Traffic team

Our traffic team ensures you always receive on time what you paid for. Anh, Leen, Liane, Sylvia and Julien will do the impossible to ensure your business does not run out of the precious bean in the language of your choice (English, Dutch, Spanish, French and German) : Contact us

Finance team

Arno, Francis and Johan work with you to make sure bean flow is seamless:  Contact us

Quality team

Our panel of Qualiticians (Jennifer, Julie, and Carlos) ensure you receive consistently the quality you require : contact us


Paul ensures that our system never fails our commitment to you and innovates constantly for better communication, contact me

Country Representatives - Uganda

Our country representative in Uganda, Sylvia, search the perfect coffee for you and ensure your coffee leaves to the port on time!  Contact me

Country Representative - Burundi

Antoine & Jean-Pierre are on the ground making sure all the mechanics of the supply chain can run smoothly and we can prevent any time or quality issue in time for solution finding, before you even know about it : contact me

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