Coffee Beans Classification by defect

What is a defect

Defective bean

any coffee bean which is not wholesome or sound, ie has been damaged physically or chemically


describes the quality factor based on physical appearance (defective beans) including extraneous matter

Black beans

coffee beans which are wholly black

Extraneous matter

anything other than coffee beans, and in case of Arabica coffee, Robusta beans are considered extraneous matter

Unhulled coffee

coffee not removed from the dried cherry (where the husk is not removed during the process of hulling)

Insect damaged

coffee beans which have been damaged or eaten by insects or weevils

Pin Hole

pinholed coffee beans by insects

Chalky white

coffee beans whitish in colour and usually light weight


coffee beans with brown, black discolouration

Withered, malformed, shrivelled

coffee beans showing abnormal shapes resulting from growth defects, eg weather and nutritive deficiency

Badly broken

coffee beans that are broken, during handling, into less than three quarters

Possible defects

Black bean
Broken bean
Diseased bean
Dried-out bean
Eaten bean
Half-black bean
Husk (Large)
Husk (Small)
Parchment bean
Sour bean
Stone, twig or hull (large)
Stone, twig or hull (medium)
Stone, twig or hull (small)
Undesirable bean
Unripe Bean
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